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Why do I have to sign a waiver as a social member?

The waiver covers all SRC events.

When do we elect new officers?

In March or April, at the year-end banquet.

I can’t attend the banquet. How can I vote?

Voting is only done in person but can be done online in the event a banquet cannot take place.

Can I attend Board meetings?

Board meetings are open to Club members who may participate in discussions but not vote.


I bought the race package, can I race NASTAR on week-ends?

Your SRC race fees only cover racing on Thursdays during SRC racing.
If you wish to race NASTAR on any other days (Fridays, weekends, holidays, etc.), you must pay additional fees to Sugarbush Resort. Check the  Sugarbush website for the current costs.

I bought the 8-race package and would like a refund; is this possible?

Race package refunds may be available under the following conditions:

  • Full refunds
    – If you purchase the race package and decide not to race prior to the first race, you will receive a full refund.
    – If you register for the full race package and are injured before the first race, you will receive a full refund
  • Partial refunds
    – If you register for the full race package and are injured in or after the first race, you will receive a pro-rata refund which will be applied to the next year’s race package fee.

How do you determine if a race should be canceled?

Prior to racing each Thursday, the Sugarbush Resort race staff will review the conditions on the course to determine if there is enough snow to set gates, and to determine if snow conditions will provide a safe racing environment. If conditions are not safe, or if Sugarbush Resort has any issues related to successful racing (primarily, lift operations), Sugarbush Resort will advise the SRC Race chair and the decision will be made to cancel the race. The race cancellation policy is defined on the Racing page of this website.

I forgot my NASTAR number. How do I get it?

Please check the NASTAR.com site for instructions.


I’m not a member. Can I attend social events?

Social events are for members only unless you are a guest of a member. Post-race parties are open to anyone. Check us out and join the Club.

Website and mailing list

What is the privacy policy for the Club’s mailing list?

Click on the Mailing List tab in About Us.

I have something to share with members. How can I get it sent or put on the web site?

Send it to info@sugarbushracingclub.com. The Board will review submissions for appropriateness.