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Sugarbush Race Club enjoyed the first week in March

Sugarbush Race Club enjoyed a great first week in March both as a social club and as a race club!  Surprisingly, our snow dancing seemed to work!  After a rousing effort at Warren Town Hall on February 24th, we were rewarded with “the best powder day” of the year two days later.  It appears that dance just keeps on producing as more accumulation just kept coming, setting us up for some great conditions..
Fit to be Thai’d hosted the club on Tuesday for appetizers and drinks.  We were treated to a fine assortment of dishes by their friendly and engaging staff.  As a testament to the ambiance and the delicious tastes, many members stayed on for dinner.
We rounded out the week with two races on Racers Edge at Sugarbush with outstanding conditions thanks to the snowstorm and the grooming staff at Sugarbush. Hats off to their fine work.
The race department set a fast course, with some challenge at the top and quite straight at a the bottom.  One gate was removed making for a faster course.  Members rose to the challenge, some breaking their own records.  Several members commented, “That is the best time I’ve had this year!”
 The blistering cold temperatures caused Doug Day to keep his race suit under cover, rather than freeze, and he still bested us all.   Anne Halvorsen had her first race of the year, on skis that were dull after 4 weeks of Western “rocks”.  Cindy Carr continues to edge Anne out by tenths of a second.
Among the men several groups are slicing off or adding on mere tenths of seconds as they trade places in the lineup.   Fender, Ellison, Edwards and Bollerud have been chasing one another. Jula Fender had a personal best time this week.
The grouping with the fastest members are also in a tight race. Boris Shajenko, Mark Haberle, Doug Day and Peter Palfrey are nudging  each other’s the heels, with Joseph (Dave) Seymour moving up quickly.
We all remain hopeful that the weather will provide the opportunity for several more races this season even if another “snow dance” is in order.
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