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The “Madness of March” struck with a vengeance

This week the “Madness of March” struck with a vengeance.  Early spring weather can be wonderful and warm with blue skies or it can also be gray, nasty, wet and freezing.  We had both versions this week!  On Thursday, Will Nye and Danielle Hampton managed a great racing clinic in spite of rain at the base, fog at mid-mountain and snow on top. The race department  (under Will, Laura and Danielle) has earned a lot of appreciation this year from SRC.  We want to give special thanks to them for their efforts.

Thursday evening,  we had a takeout meal from Rumbles, followed by our weekly zoom.  The highlight of this week’s call was a reunion with Barbara and Cliff Tiffany ( long term SRC members ) who Zoomed in from Maine.  Next week, our takeout is from Mad River Barn; keep an eye out for their offerings.   

Two races were scheduled on Friday and the weather was not cooperative, to say the least. The course was frozen corduroy which resulted in a disconcerting vibration and a chattering sound.  What was expected to be a fast course was hampered by strong uphill winds. The gusts caused dramatic difference in racers’ times as they fought their way down the hill. It was like skiing in a wind tunnel!  Nearly all times were slower than usual. This time, for many skiers who usually score in the 30’s, breaking 40 seconds was a challenge. Then, there were other factors!  Peter Menkes requested a special handicap for a sore “covid vaccine arm”.  This special dispensation was not granted.  In his distress, he tripped the starting gate early with his pole resulting in 2 more seconds added to his time. 

Some racers bailed after one run, not wanting to take a chance on bad conditions. Our very skilled racer and  long term member, Dave Seymour tried to better his time in an after race “fun run” which, unfortunately, resulted in a broken arm. Ever fast Chris Lowenstein beat the pace setter with Mike Dixon in hot pursuit. They could brag and the rest of us were just satisfied to survive the course. 

This weekend the Race department announced there will be no more racing or clinics, March weather again!!   We did, however, face down the challenges of this year.  We had a late start because of weather and the need to sort out Covid regulations.  We had to double up on several races to get in a full season.  Our racers’ perseverance resulted in 8 competitive races.  Unfortunately, because of social distancing, we missed our weekly get togethers and our traditional gatherings like the dance party and the Spring banquet.  We will have a lot to make up for next year!

Remember,  all memberships roll over into next year.  We would love to recruit more racers and ask everyone to invite potential members.  Hopefully, Covid permitting,  we may have a Fall get together.  Stay tuned, there is more to come.  Thanks to Howie, Chet, Dave Koepele, Dave Goldstein, Riley and Jula and the race department at Sugarbush for all their hard work to make this season come together.