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Partying and Racing with Sugarbush Racing Club

Sugarbush Race Club held its third “Eat and Zoom” meeting Thursday, February 25 with an order out meal from the Hyde Away Inn. Twenty members joined in the call catching up on news, reminiscing and “talking covid”. The meeting ended with “Vana Willstein” dressed in her finest winter fashion, drawing the names of the winners of gift certificates to the Hyde Away, from a tropical fish discovered under the ice on Blueberry lake. 

On Friday,  races 4 and 5 occurred under blue skies with our new banner adorning the entrance to the course.

Two races where held, putting one in the “bank”, in anticipation of a race day in March being thwarted by  rain or powder. The course challenges included “gravel snow chunks”, ice and uncooperative timing mechanisms. The first two were greeted with a shrug by some, fear by others and glee by the real carvers. “ My goal is to make it through” was heard repeatedly.  The timing malfunctions allowed for some “second chances” and no doubt contributed to a range of results, some  faster or  slower and a few DNFs. 

We had 17 racers in the first race and 21 in the second with several names not seen in the past weeks. The sisters gained a new member this week and now total 5. The women’s times are very close and it is difficult to discern a clear breakout.  Anne Halvorsen had a very good showing, but one race was not recorded,  Cheryl Brayman, Nicole Lowenstein  and Cindy Carr were nipping at her heels with hundredths of seconds difference in their times. 

The men were all over the place with their results. Chris Lowenstein broke out front in the fast and furious group. Brighton Luke is recovering from a minor injury and we expect him to be full throttle in the near future. Again Dave Seymour, John Lussier and Mike Dixon are in a dead heat and edging up on Lowenstein and Brighton. John and Mike each shared a DNS as they let it rip. Dave Ellison and Jula Fender continue to challenge each other, both showing improvement in their times each week. However, Ellison is sure one of his times was a mechanism or recorder error.  Finally there is the “break 40” group so named by Rich Jones…” I am happy to break 40 on a day like this”. Today he had a lot of company from those brave souls who are always willing to take up the challenge. 

On March 5th, in support of Central Vermont Home  Health and Hospice, we will use the results from the Chez Henri race for our records. Sign up for the Chez Henri Race and support a good cause!