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Our fourth Zoom meeting and a meal from Fit To Be Thai’d

On March 3rd, our members had their fourth Zoom meeting following a wonderful meal from Fit To Be Thai’d . Drunken Noodles seemed to be a gastronomic preference among many in attendance. Two gift certificates to Fit To Be Thai’d were drawn by our now famous/infamous Vanna who thrilled us again with her glittering outfit. 

Quite a few SRC members participated in the Sugarbush sponsored race clinic conducted by Will Nye and Laura Jenks on Thursday. The use of brushes on a full course to illustrate turning strategy and timing were very helpful and members requested a similar clinic next week. 

On a windy cold March 5th, 14 SRC members signed up for the Chez Henri Race, an annual fundraising event for CVHHH.  Our times in the Chez Henri race have been used for our SRC standings.  We are pleased that a number of Chez Henri racers indicated an interest in joining the club to pursue more opportunities to race.

The course was set with a series of challenging gates toward the end, which was a surprise for those who had swept the course, as those gates were reset after the course was swept.  Howls of “What happened?? The gates changed!” were heard.  This complaint was answered with “You always have to be looking down the course, not at the upcoming gate”.  This week,  wax was not the primary topic of conversation. Instead, racers compared notes on what brand and model of race skis to add to their quivers. Usually that means the competition between some groupings is heating up and each member is looking for a competitive edge! 

It was great to see Peter Koch back in the lineup after a long hiatus.  We missed a very competitive Cheryl Braymen who was out with, what we trust is a minor injury.  Mike Dixon was in fine shape following a surprise binding release last week that resulted in a bounding pounding fall.

Nicole Lowenstein edged out front for the women.  In second place, Anne Halvorsen aptly negotiated the gates in spite of a loose flying pole.  Among the men Chris Lowenstein took the lead, with Brighton Luke on his heels and Dave Seymour and John Lussier in hot pursuit. Jula Fender edged out Dave Ellison and then Dave bested Jula in the second race.  Dan Towle is also pushing into this grouping.  Peter Menkes had his best time of the year with a new more aggressive stance.  

We have 2, and weather permitting 3, races left for the year. Keep an eye out for upcoming events this week:   a take out meal from Warren store, a race clinic and a zoom meeting on Thursday and a race on Friday.   SRC is thriving, in spite of the challenges of the season.