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“Madness of March” weather hampered our events.

The “Madness of March” weather struck this week and hampered our events. The clinic on Wednesday had to be canceled because of warm “pre race snow”.   On Friday, the race was called after the groomer made a pass which, unfortunately, wasn’t able to make the course useable.  Too soft!   Both events were called at the last minute, after final word from the mountain that it was not safe to race. 

On Thursday, we had a delicious take out meal from the Warren Store. It was a choice of two   excellent dinners (Beef Bourguignon or BBQ Chicken) with the option of a matched wine. About twenty members enjoyed the meal.  The Warren Store also did well with several  SRC female shoppers who wandered upstairs while picking up their dinners.  Just doing their best to support the local economy!

Following dinner, we had a zoom get-together. The topics were eclectic this week ranging from ski conditions to wind caused allergies and covid survival tactics.  We had a mini-instruction on how to drive to the mountain with one ski boot on and some generic old geezer talk.   The star of the show, Vanna surprised us again appearing in a hat adorned with flowers, a fine lei and a pink squid which she claimed to have netted in the snowmaking pond. She dutifully drew two winning names for a gift certificate to the Warren store. Christine Crandall and Mike Strojny were the winners this week.

Let’s hope the weather is more cooperative next week and we will aim for double races. So, racers,  rest up