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Sugarbush Racing Club completed a 2nd race Feb 12th

The success of the second race of the Sugarbush Racing Club on February 12th, was a due to those hardy souls who braved the zero degree temperatures and  showed their dedication to racing and the club. The snow squeaked which some said made the course faster while others (perhaps depending on their race time, were certain it made it slower).  The indomitable Anne Halvorsen was the only one of her gender racing and, as usual, was a show of force and effortless speed on the course. Hopefully, she will encourage the full contingent of her racing sisters to show at the next race.

Already, race two finds friendly rivalries forming, adding to the fun and spirit of the club. Some members were coaching others in their quest to breakthrough their plateau. Dave Ellison continues his comeback from a previous injury and Jula Fender is determined to catch and surpass him. The group with artificial knees and hips were right back in the line-up claiming it was “all systems go”.  Dave Seymour had a good run but was disheartened when the clock just kept running….at 2 minutes he declared “something is not right” and earned a second try. As usual our top speedsters  Dixon, Brighton and Shajenko  were pushing their limits and were within a tenth of seconds apart with Brighton leading the pack.

Lussier, Seymour, Ellison and Fender seem to be forming the next fastest grouping and we expect some surprises emerging in our next races. For the rest of us, we expect to up our game and throw a scare into the second fastest group. All in fun of course. As we say “I am just racing against my last time, but I do “enjoy” keeping an eye on who is ahead of and behind me”.

What makes the club special has always been its full range of racers, of all ages and skills, and the fun loving souls who want to try racing. There are some who have raced in previous lives and some who have never raced before but thought it would be fun to try.  To encourage learners and new adventurers, we are holding a fine bottle of champagne for the racer who achieves a combined slowest time in the combination of least four races. So the gauntlet is down, there is still time to join the club and race. Who knows you may be the winner.  If you wish to join find us at

Our next race is this coming Friday February 19.