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New course layout challenges Sugarbush Racing Club

After being defeated by weather the prior week, 37 racers showed up Thursday, February 13th to find a new iteration of the race course being set on the Racer’s Edge piste.  By setting a single course instead of the customary dual format, the Sugarbush Race Department was able to use more of the hill and create a new challenge for the racers. Variable turns and rhythm changes were the order of the day as the competitors took to the hill to do battle for the 5th time this season.
The 5th race saw a resurgent Riley “Spaceman” Winch coming out ahead of the pack to edge 1 point ahead of Rick Duckworth in the Fast and Furious points in the men’s division. In the women’s division Laura Jenks currently leads the Fast and Furious with her unending string of victories. Rick Duckworth came in second in the men’s division with Doug Day in 3rd. With Laura Jenks taking the top spot again, the women’s podium was filled by Anne Halvorsen in 2nd and Cheryl Brayman in 3rd. 

 The SRC medal class championships hunt is heating up in every division.  Laura Jenks leads the women’s field going into race 6 with an admirable lead over Cindy Carr and Barbara Brady who are tied for second while Renee Epstein and Mary Gow fight for 3rd.  In the men’s silver division Ken Friedman is tied for the lead with the club’s social director Dave Goldstein and right behind them, Bernie Pistilli and Mike McGuirk are tied for 3rd.  The gold division sees Richard Brady with a lead over Michael Sharkey and a 3 way dead heat for 3rd between John Atherton, Rich Jones and Gunnar Sievert. In the platinum division Riley “Spaceman” Winch carries a comfortable lead over Dave Seymour with Marc Angelillo in 3rd.

Many racers are excited about the changes to the course and are looking forward to new possibilities in the future.  The Sugarbush Racing Club also is looking forward to the John Wilson Memorial Race on Spring Fling, which is an event that always brings out the best but that race date currently scheduled for February 27 may be effected by the weather.
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