Winter Interlude Dinner Dance


Sugarbush Racing Club held its annual Winter Interlude dinner dance Tuesday, Feb. 5. The dance, at Avalanche, was an enormous success, with the sixty odd members in attendance all departing with broad grins half an hour after the scheduled end. The pot-luck dinner was excellent. One member observed that pot-luck is usually excellent, because everyone brings the dish they prepare best. Some admitted to it being the one thing they know how to cook. Even though everyone was filled by the entrees, the deserts were so enticing they disappeared quickly. Tailors and exercise gurus missed an opportunity by failing to hand out business cards at the door.
RPM Entertainment kept everyone on the dance floor and smiling. Loretta Menkes was detained by the DJ as she tried to sneak out before he had a chance to play some of her favorite songs. She thanked him for playing three in a row for her. When people danced the Twist, the DJ offered that there was no need to limit how deep to go: the bartenders were young and strong and would help anyone up who could not get up by themselves. Cathy Bollerud won the RPM Entertainment stamina award for dancing start to finish to every song while continuously flashing her big smile. John and Christina McNally put on their usual dance exhibit, making other members wish they could “dance like the McNally’s.”
The Race Club also races sometimes. The John Wilson Memorial Race was held on Thursday morning, but was started an hour and a half late due to weather related technical difficulties. Icing on the lift cables delayed both course prep and racer transport, suggesting that this New England style ski racing was an appropriate tribute to our late Club President.
The additional race planned make up for prior weather postponements had to be postponed again.
Seven intrepid women and 17 men braved the elements to race in the John Wilson Memorial. Elizabeth Walker led the women in a combined time of 63.43 seconds, with Cheryl Brayman less than a second behind. There was a five second gap before Mary Carol White, Cindy Carr and Barbara Brady finished. Chelsea Winch completed both runs in her first ever NASTAR race. Yeah Chelsea. Nancy Wilson honored her late husband by running the yellow course, but decided to honor her own judgment by passing on the blue course.
Riley Winch led the men as usual, with a 50.89 second combined time. Rick Duckworth was almost five seconds slower, but still placed second. Jeff Rubin and Dave Seymour were also under sixty seconds. Peter Wicklund, Dave Ellison, Jula Fender and Ray Bollerud all finished under 65 seconds. Jim Cutchins, Stephen “Chris” Ham-Ellis and Peter Menkes finished under 70 seconds. Richie Jones, Peter Koch, Joe Whelan, Richard Brady, and Gil Edwards all completed both runs. Don Simonini continues his role as the Club’s motivational sports psychologist. Don races on a board rather than skis, so his times make all the other members feel good about their results.
The Feb 7 Post Race Party was at Worthy Burger Too, across the parking lot from Bisbee’s Ace Hardware. About 60 members attended. Worthy Burger provided chips and salsa, and a warm, comfortable and convenient venue.