Sugarbush Racing Club Jan 24 Race Cancelled


Sugarbush Racing Department cancelled the race because the weather had made the course too icy for safety. The Sugarbush Racing Club is grateful for the emphasis on safety and appreciates both the difficulty of deciding to cancel a scheduled race, and the judgment of the Racing Department in cancelling when necessary.
The Women’s World Cup Downhill last weekend shows the need for concern on the part of race organizers. The course conditions at Garmisch had changed so much overnight that the times were two seconds faster than the fastest training times and both top and average speeds several km/hr higher. The first racer of the day tumbled, and shortly afterward a second racer went into the fences. The race stewards altered the course to slow the entry into a jump, but it was not enough. Seven elite racers crashed, two with injuries that will change their season, if not their careers. The race stewards stopped the race with ten skiers yet to attempt the course.
The Jan 24 Post Race-or-Not Party was at the Avalanche on the Sugarbush Access Road. The Avalanche provided an abundance of thin crust pizza from their wood fired oven. The beautiful multi-level venue is very comfortable. The Club will return to the Avalanche for the SRC Winter Interlude dance on Feb.5. Check for details.
Racing today will be on Racer’s Edge. Registration (Gate House, “day of ” racers): 8:30-11:00; Slip clinic/course inspection: 9:00-9:45 Racing: 10-noon Free Runs: conditions permitting, noon-1:00. The Jan 31 Post Race Party will begin at 4:30 at the Hyde Away Inn on Route 17 just below German Flats.
The John Wilson Memorial Race will be Feb. 7 on the Legends course on Spring Fling.