Two Challenging SRC Races One Day


Sugarbush Racing Club races #5 and #6 were run March 1 under challenging course conditions. The two races were run the same day to make up for previous weather cancellations. Eleven women and 31 men started the first race. Nine women and 28 men finished both Yellow and Blue runs on Spring Fling. Then the course was reset closer to the center of Spring Fling. Nine women and 26 men started the second race. Eight women and only 16 men finished both runs in the second race. That justifies using the word “challenging.”

The course surface temperature appeared to be below freezing at the top and above freezing at the bottom, so skiers had to deal with the transition from very firm starting conditions to slush near the finish. The conditions were unforgiving, so any error produced a DNF. The number of racers who completed the four runs, and the fact that no injuries were reported, is a testament to the skill and judgment of the Sugarbush Racing Department and the SRC membership.

Win Smith showed his skill and his confidence in the Sugarbush Racing Department by completing all four runs, finishing seventh in the first race and tenth in the second. Bob Stevens showed the skill achieved in his 88 years by completing all four runs.

The women’s races continue to be dominated by Elizabeth Walker and Danielle Hampton. Danielle won the first race by almost three seconds, but Elizabeth won the second. Elizabeth’s combined time for Yellow and Blue runs in the second race was 62.72 seconds, while Danielle’s was 62.76. The time difference equals the feather difference between Spaceman Winch and Rick Duckworth earlier this year.

Anne Halvorsen came in third in both races, five seconds back in the first, but only one second back in the second. Women’s racing is getting more competitive. Janyce Goba was fourth in both races, about three seconds behind Anne in each.
Mary Carol White, Lauri Landau, Caryl Hurwitz, Barbara Brady, and Cindy Carr were the other stalwart women who ran the second race.

The men’s races continue to feature the competition between Rick Duckworth and Spaceman Winch. Spaceman ran the fastest time of the day, 26.44 seconds, in one run, but went off course in the remaining three. Rick Duckworth’s fastest time was 27.54, but he completed all four runs to win both races. Rick’s combined time of 60.55 seconds just edged Douglas Day’s 60.61 seconds in the first race. Doug pushed a little too much in the second race, and went off the course.

Paul Quinlan, Joseph Seymour, Alex Woods, Peter Wicklund, Win Smith, Al Hobart, Gil Edwards and David Ellison made up the rest of the top ten in the first race.

In the second race, Jeff Rubin finished in second place, about two seconds behind Rick Duckworth. Jeff led Alex Woods, John Lussier, Paul Quinlan and Joseph Seymour, all of whom had combined times under 60 seconds.

David Ellison led a tightly packed group with times just over a minute. The group included Gil Edwards, Peter Wicklund, Win Smith, Ray Bollerud, Jula Fender and Mike Ware. The other men who completed both runs of the second race were Rich Jones, Chris Ham-Ellis and Bob Stevens.

The post race party was held at Fit to be Thai’d. The appetizers were excellent, and attracted about a dozen SRC members to stay for dinner afterward.
Races #7 and #8 were cancelled due to Too much snow but he post race party will be at the White Horse Inn. Bob & Allen there are ready with lots of great appetizers and desserts.

The SRC End of Year Banquet will be at the Inn at the Round Barn on Thursday, March 22 at 5:30PM. We have a nice reservation group already. Entrée choices are beef. salmon, or pasta. $40/member, $50/non-member. Sign up and specify your meal choices if you have not yet with Reservations need to be in by March 16.

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