Sugarbush Racing Club NASTAR Results (Jan 11)


Surprise! Riley (Spaceman) Winch won the Jan 4 men’s race. Unfortunately, his times appear to have been reported to NASA instead of NASTAR, and he was omitted from the race results published here last week. All other racers please add one to your place in the first race, and shift to the appropriate spot on the podium.

Spaceman scored a DNF on the Blue course Jan 11, so the men’s podium positions reported here should be accurate. Rick Duckworth had the only total time under a minute for the two runs. John Lussier finished in second place at a total of 62 seconds. Both Rick and John earned NASTAR Platinum medals.

The next five men, Joseph Seymour, Paul Quinlan, Peter Wicklund, Gil Edwards, and David Ellison, all earned Gold medals, as did Al Hobart and Alvan Carr. David Ellison achieved his goal of having a lower time than Al Hobart, although only by less than two seconds. Jula Fender earned a Silver medal, even though his time was faster than some men who earned Gold. Jula was handicapped by his youth, limiting his NASTAR handicap.

The same number of male members raced as last week, although not the same 28. Two guests also raced, David Epstein and his son Dan. David is Renee Epstein’s son, and she was elated that three generations could enjoy the sport together.

Like the men, the same number of women raced as last week, although not the same 9. Danielle Hampton won as usual. Elizabeth Walker was second, and both earned Platinum medals. Anne Halvorsen and Lauri Landau were next and both earned Gold. Cindy Carr came in fifth, but earned a Platinum medal due to her handicap (age), despite being many years younger than some other racers.

The post-race party at the Mad River Taste Place was well attended. The gourmet cheeses and other hors d’oeuvres were superb, as was ambiance. Video of the days race is usually shown at the party. Since the Taste Place is primarily a retail outlet, rather than a restaurant or tavern, there was no TV, and SRC did not bring one. The video is available here.

The third race is today, Jan 18, with the post race party at the Smokehouse, on Rt. 17 at the corner of Rt. 100.

There is an SRC wine and cheese tasting scheduled at the Tucker Hill Inn January 23 at 6:30. This is an opportunity both to learn about fine wines and for non-members to learn about the social aspect of the Club. The cost of $40 for members, $45 for non-members, covers the 5 wine and cheese tastings. Kevin and Patti Begin, Tucker Hill Inn’s owners, are providing appetizers between tastings. Reservations & payment must be received by January 20, 2018 and sent to Gordon Hoare (payable to SRC Racing Club) PO Box 396, Warren 05674.