Straighter Courses Yield Faster Times for Racing Club


The consensus among the forty-seven members of the Sugarbush Racing Club who ran the dual giant slalom courses set on Racer’s Edge by the Sugarbush race department was that the courses were indeed straighter and their times were definitely faster.  More racers showed up this past week to test their mettle against pacesetter Carson Barbour’s time and eight platinum and nine gold medals were earned.

Danielle Hampton continued her winning way again this week placing first in the women’s division over Elizabeth Walker and Anne Halvorsen all of whom received platinum medals.  Lauri Landau edged Cindy Carr for fourth place in a closely fought battle while the tension between Caryl Hurwitz and Janella Pennington seems to be mounting.  Louise Messner worked to get her competitive edge back after her relaxing trip to the Virgin Islands and Barbara Tardiff had one disastrous run which put her combined time into last place.

Riley Spaceman Winch upset Rick Duckworth in this race as they exchanged wins in the dual courses but combined times clearly proved Winch the winner.  Doug Day came in a close third place apparently suffering no lack of confidence after his spectacular crash before the race!
Newcomer Paul Quinlan was next in line followed very closely by Dave Seymour, John Lussier and Gary Duncan all of whom had combined times of less than one minute.

Everyone was extremely pleased to see Al Hobart back in the starting gates as he narrowly nipped Win Smith and platinum winning Rich Jones.  Gil Edwards, fresh from an extended stay in Bimini, led the “middle of the road gang” comprised of Jula Fender, Ray Bollerud, Ned Kelley and Jim Cutchins.

Another notch down in the standings, Todd Sheinfeld and Peter Koch were closely matched again in this race and Mike Strojny and Gary Salter “sandwiched” their elder, nonagenarian Henri Borel, the flying Frenchman.  Richard Brady and Fred Costello did the same to octogenarian Bernie Pistilli while another member of the octogenarian club, Stan Needleman bested Jim Albanese.

Dave Koepele posted better times than his rival, Ken Friedman, in each of their two runs and Don Simonini had the winning time in the snowboard division.

The apres race party was hosted this past week by the Hyde Away Inn with copious hors d’oeuvres and their usual wonderful selection of draft beers and fine wines.  Race chairperson Lauri Landau outlined future club races and clinics and then social chairperson and spokesperson Gordie Hoare took charge of the meeting with his inimitable style.  Several gift certificates and a gift basket crafted by Kate Jones were raffled while Rich Jones won the fifty-fifty drawing.  Win Smith took home a very much sought after red racing club vest!

The next club activity is the annual “Winter Interlude” dinner dance  which will be held at the Terra Rossa Ristorante!