Racing Club kicks off 2017 Season


Forty-two members of the Sugarbush Racing Club were treated to an excellent dual giant slalom course set by the Sugarbush Race Department which held up well in the cold conditions for the over 84 runs.  This was the first of eight scheduled races for the 140 member club which are held at Lincoln Peak on both Racer’s Edge and Spring Fling.

Elizabeth Walker and Danielle Hampton exchanged wins on the two courses but Elizabeth’s combined time gave here the edge for the win in the women’s division while Lauri Landau finished in third place.  Janella Pennington and newcomer Nancy Coombs finished extremely close to each other for fourth and fifth places while Louise Messner and newcomer Mary Carol White seem to be potential rivals.

Last year’s men’s division winner, Rick Duckworth, continued his winning ways blazing through the gates for a combined time of less than a minute.  He was the only racer to beat a minute and the only one to wear a speed suit!  His nearest competitor was a newcomer, Spaceman Winch.  Is that his name?  Will he run for governor when he comes of age?

Doug Day finished in third place just ahead of ageless John Lussier both of whom may reconsider donning their racing suits to combat Duckworth, the “king of the hill.”  Win Smith, who admitted receiving tips from new Ski School Director, Terry Barbour acquitted himself very well by edging Dave Ellison.  Rich Jones, a new member of the octogenarian club, demonstrated that age does not seem to be a factor with him as he perhaps is eyeing a national NASTAR title!

Jim Cutchins, who dispelled any notion that a man with a southern accent cannot ski, and Mike Sharkey, also with an inimitable accent of another kind, finished neck and neck at the top of “the middle of the road gang.”  Peter Koch’s new knee apparently was the key to staying in the same group with Jula Fender and newcomer Ned Kelley.

Ray Bollerud, Peter Menkes and Todd Sheinfeld all seem to be in need of ski wax as they barely squeaked by octogenarian Bernie Pistilli.  Jim Hildebrand and his wife, Nancy, seem to be a perfect pair as their times were almost exactly the same!  Nonagenarian Henri Borel, the poster boy for Apex boots and Mountainside skis, acquitted himself quite well as always  John Christiano and Chris Ham-Ellis are a pair to be watched!

IThe apres race party was held at the Big Picture where the racers could view the day’s video on the big screen.  Tasty hors d’oeuvres were provided along with a cash bar and Deb Koch filled in for several ailing club officers and spoke BRIEFLY on upcoming events to include a wine tasting and the annual “winter interlude” dinner dance.

This Thursday’s race is scheduled between eleven and one and the party will be held at Home Plate.  Come join the fun!