Race Club Manages to Make up One Race


Thirty-seven racers made it to the starting gate on short notice during the President’s week which is not normally a race week but race chairperson Lauri Landau arranged to make it happen! The club has had two races postponed due to weather issues and is desperately trying to get back on track. The racers included five guests mostly from the Apigian tribe and one former member, Steve Gross, who acquitted himself quite well.

Elizabeth Walker narrowly defeated Anne Halvorsen by mere hundreds of a second to maintain her first place standing in the women’s division. Lauri Landau placed third over Cheryl Brayman while Cindy Carr was fifth. Annie Fender did well on her new knee and Renee Epstein ran the gates for the first time.

Rick Duckworth maintained his dominance in the men’s division while Dave Ellison and Mike Ware were again separated by a whisker. Jula Fender apparently sharpened his edges this week to finish ahead of Mike Chapman and Jim Cutchins. Al Carr continues to do well as he placed ahead of the resurgent Rich Jones. Seemingly ageless Henri Borel outdistanced several racers including Stan Needleman and Manny Apigian who is the patriarch of the visiting clan.

As this was an unscheduled race, there was no apres party which is unusual for this group! The next race is scheduled for February 25 and there will be a party at the Terra Rosa.