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Racing Club nearing end of season

Only two races remain for the Sugarbush Racing Club and they both may be run on the same day. A weather conflict caused the postponement of a race earlier this season and the race gurus have decided it might be best to get the races in while the snow gods are smiling.
In race number six held on March sixth, Petra Park came roaring back to handily defeat her nemesis, Elizabeth Walker. Colleen Winchester and Anne Halvorsen were several seconds back in third and fourth places respectively. Caryl Hurwitz stood alone in fifth place as Lauri Landau completely missed a gate and was disqualified!
Rick Duckworth has built an almost insurmountable lead in the male division as perennial second, Bob Kogut, cannot seem to be able to match Rick’s speed. Doug Day and Brooke Weston, separated by less than a second, took third and fourth places while Dave Seymour was happy to garner the fifth spot. John Lussier taught a lesson to the young whippersnappers Jim Winchester, George Seward and Peter Wicklund and Mark Haberle showed “his stuff” as a world ranked telly skier. Al Hobart continues to amaze and Jim deFau and Philippe Marielle were clocked at almost the the exact time. Dave Ellison’s practice has apparently paid off as he easily bested Gunnar Seivert and Mike Ware while Mike Strojni clocked in ahead of his usual competitors. The “octogenarian crowd” of  Bob Stevens, Bernie Pistilli, Henri Borel and Stan Needleman once again proved the value of experience.
Everyone gathered at Chez Henri for the after race party to enjoy Bernard’s mussels and cheese fondue. Racing is scheduled to begin at 9:30 on the 13th and the crowd will gather at the Hyde Away.