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Sugarbush Racing Club Fun Race March 16 10:30 AM

Friday March 16 Fun Race & Luncheon

Two Challenging SRC Races One Day

Sugarbush Racing Club races #5 and #6 were run March 1 under challenging course conditions. The two races were run the same day to make up for previous weather cancellations. Eleven women and 31 men started the first race. Nine women and 28 men finished both Yellow and Blue runs on Spring Fling. Then the […]

Terry Barbour teaches SRC powder skiing

Snow conditions caused cancellation of the Feb 8 races, but the disappointment was eased when Sugarbush Ski & Ride School Director Terry Barbour treated 14 SRC members to a free lesson on skiing in powder. Tom “TBone” Powers assisted Terry.  Terry instructed the group and demonstrated techniques. The group followed Terry down the trails, and […]

Sugarbush Racing Club February 1 Results

After a bye week to accommodate World Cup Telemark races, SRC NASTAR racing moved from the Racer’s Edge course on Lower Snowball to the Legends course on Spring Fling. Chad Koenig was the pacesetter, as he had been for the last race. The par time on Racer’s Edge was 24.4 seconds. The par time on […]

Spaceman Beats Duckworth by a Feather in 3rd SRC Race

Timing is everything! In the third SRC Race this season, Spaceman Winch ran the two NASTAR courses in a total time of 57.04 seconds, a feather ahead of Rick Duckworth, whose total was 57.06 seconds. Rick had the faster time on the Yellow course, but the Spaceman flew down the Blue course faster, and by […]

Sugarbush Racing Club NASTAR Results (Jan 11)

Surprise! Riley (Spaceman) Winch won the Jan 4 men’s race. Unfortunately, his times appear to have been reported to NASA instead of NASTAR, and he was omitted from the race results published here last week. All other racers please add one to your place in the first race, and shift to the appropriate spot on […]